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創造十億個PADI Torchbearers™,以探索和保護海洋。

我們履行企業社會責任的方式是繼續長期,持久地保護我們所愛的海洋世界。作為全球潛水中心,潛水教練和潛水員的最大聯絡網,我們充分利用每一個機會動員數以百萬計的PADI Torchbearer™守護海洋。


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Ocean Conservation

Empower our community to take local action for global impact.

PADI’s first Pillar of Change, Ocean Conservation, reflects both the organization’s long-standing ethos to protect the aquatic environment and the renewed commitment to take focused action that leads to lasting positive change for the ocean. By empowering millions of divers around the world with the ability to take focused conservation action, we believe that change is possible.

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Dive Industry Sustainability

Reduce the global environmental footprint of the dive industry.

PADI’s second Pillar of Change, Dive Industry Sustainability, was created to leverage PADI’s global influence as a means to encourage all key stakeholders across the dive industry to take actions that reduce environmental impact and increase the reputation of diving as a regenerative activity with positive benefits for people and planet.

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People and Humanity

Foster diversity and inclusion and support local dive communities.

PADI’s third Pillar of Change, People and Humanity, is borne from PADI’s core belief that aquatic environments should be accessible to all. As a global organization, we continually strive to foster an environment of openness across the dive industry with a shared understanding that ‘underwater we all speak the same language.'

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Discover the Healing Power of Diving  

A PADI Adaptive Service Facility is an operation that has invested in comprehensive operational services and infrastructure that meet the needs of divers with physical, psychological or mental challenges to promote inclusivity in its diver training programs and other dive activities. 


United in a shared goal, our community is leading a powerful movement to restore ourselves, our relationships with each other and the blue planet we call home. By harnessing the power of the PADI brand as a force for good, we foster an engaged and informed global network of Ocean Torchbearers and empower them to create change.

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今天就加入PADI Torchbearer™ 社區吧。