Enriched air, also known as nitrox or EANx, contains less nitrogen than regular air. Breathing less nitrogen means you can enjoy longer dives and shorter surface intervals. No wonder Enriched Air Diver is the most popular PADI® specialty.


How to Earn an Enriched Air Nitrox Certification

Learn why nitrox allows you to make longer dives and how to dive nitrox safely through online independent study. Meet with your PADI Instructor for hands-on practical exercises, then make two (optional) dives.

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水肺潜水要求最低程度的健康和身体素质良好。 如果存在慢性健康不良状况,食用某些药物和/或近期手术可能需要你在潜水前获得医生的书面批准。

为避免失望,请下载并查看潜水员医疗健康调查表 Diver Medical From,以确保在注册水肺课程之前不需要获得医生的批准就能潜水。 教练,潜水长和潜店工作人员不是医师,不应征求他们的医疗意见; 只有医疗专业人员才能提供医疗许可以潜水。

如果你(或你的医生)对潜水的健康状况有疑问,请与Divers Alert Network(DAN)的专家联系。 


Minimum age: 12

Course prerequisite: enrollment in Open Water Diver

Divers 12 or older can earn a PADI Enriched Air Diver certification as part of their PADI Open Water Diver course. Ask your instructor for more information.


You can complete this course locally or while travelling.

Choose a dive shop close to home to:

  • Support your local diving community
  • Meet dive buddies in your local area
  • Learn about your local ecosystem

Choose a dive shop away from home if you:

  • Plan to travel to a dive destination on holiday
  • Like to meet new people when travelling
  • Have the time to complete your course while on vacation

This course requires both knowledge development and in-person training for certification. 

  • When you purchase the PADI eLearning course from our website, the cost covers the knowledge development portion only.
  • There is an additional cost to complete your practical training with a PADI Instructor. Please contact your PADI Dive Center or Resort for pricing. 

If you do not own a set of scuba equipment, and you would like to make the two optional dives, you will need to rent gear. 

If you own scuba gear, confirm it can be used with nitrox (don't worry, most modern dive equipment is compatible). If you don't have the manuals that came with your equipment, your PADI Dive Shop or Instructor can help.

Only certain scuba tanks can be filled with enriched air (you'll learn more about this in the course). Your PADI Dive Shop will provide dedicated nitrox cylinders for your enriched air dives. Your instructor will also provide an oxygen analyzer.


PADI eLearning: 2-4 hours

Entire course: 1-2 days

It's possible to earn your nitrox certification in just one day. Simply complete the online course and schedule a short practical session with your instructor. The two dives are optional. You can also earn a nitrox certification simultaneously with another course. After completing Enriched Air eLearning and the practical session with your instructor, you can use nitrox while completing dives for your Advanced Open Water Diver certification, Peak Performance Buoyancy certification, etc.

English, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional

PADI's online courses are designed to work on the browsers listed below. For the best experience, make sure your browser is up-to-date.

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Firefox

If you plan to be somewhere without internet access, use the PADI Training app to download course content and study offline. Content can be downloaded in small sections with a total file size of approximately 440 MB. When you get back online, upload your progress so you can resume your training right where you left off.

The PADI Training app is available for Android™ and Apple® iOS devices. For the ideal experience, devices should be no more than three models old and running with the most current OS (operating system).


If you're interested in staying underwater for an extended period, experiencing close-up animal encounters, or exploring places few divers ever see, ask your instructor about technical or rebreather diving.

  • Technical diving allows you to dive beyond recreational "no stop" limits. Stay at a shallow depth for hours, or plan dives beyond recreational dive limits.
  • Rebreathers, simply put, save and recycle your breathing gas. This allows you to stay much longer underwater. Rebreathers emit little to no bubbles, so you can get closer to wildlife that might run away from the noisy bubbles of an open circuit system.

More Courses

Discover Technical Diving
This short course is designed to let divers experience technical diving in confined water. Get introduced a few basic skills and procedures. Discover Tec may credit towards the Tec 40 course.
Discover Rebreather Program
Breathe without exhaling bubbles as a rebreather diver. You'll get longer no stop limits, learn to reuse the gas you exhale by recycling the good part and replenishing it for your next breath.
Tec 40 CCR Instructor
This course is the entry into the ranks of Tec CCR professionals and qualifies you to conduct Discover Rebreather programs and teach the Tec 40 CCR Diver course.


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